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New Look chairman Phil Wrigley can be seen discussing ethics on the high street in Drapers, 29th November 2008. He called on the fashion industry to make a greater effort when it comes to ethical issues when speaking at the Drapers Fashion Summit 2008. The man behing New Look reflects upon what he considers ‘ethics’ to be about;

“Getting things done depends on how you behave, how you treat people and what you leave behind when you’re gone. That is ethics to me. How do we source and buy product? How do we treat the people involved?”

Wrigley discusses the role of government, the ETI (Ethical Trading Initiative) and the retailers themselves and goes on to state that in this financial crisis it is the perfect time to start becoming more ethical.

It is great to see the facts and figures in is speech that show that sales of ethical fashion clothing sales accounted for 12%  of all UK retail sales in 2007. 

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