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I recently applied for an internship for either six months or one year at the highly respectable ethical fashion brand People Tree. I was delighted to have received a callback from the head of design, Tracy Mulligan. I endeavoured to create an electronic portfolio for them to put in their files for review closer to the time of placement. The portfolio was sent off today via email, and I am very excited to hear of any feedback they may have.

People Tree is a well established brand and works to ensure they meet Fair Trade principles set out by the IFTA (International Fair Trade Association) by working with 50 fair trade groups in 15 countries. They aim to bring benefits to people and the planet at as many stages of the production process as possible, i.e. growing cotton, dyeing, weaving. This is highly beneficial as it helps to alleviate poverty in the world’s most marginalised countries. They also work hard to ensure pioneering ecologically sound methods of production, which helps to minimise environmental impact. The majority of the cotton used in their clothing lines is certified Organic and Fair Trade and all their clothes are dyed using natural, safe dyes. The clothes produced are very beautiful and do not appear to conform to the traditional ‘ethical’ aesthetic, which is very inspiring and innovative; this creates demand in a new market segment which was previously not being satisfied with attractive ethical clothing.

Visit the website at www.peopletree.co.uk


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