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As noted in a previous post, I really love Victoria Beckham’s collections. This particular dress (Giral) is very inspiring for its origami like detailing, and exquisite fit.

This beauty (the dress!) features in her Autumn Winter 2009 collection


View my previous blog on the latest VB collection here


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Seeing as it is rather a nice day, it got me thinking abouyt weddings. OK, so I don’t need a little bit of sunshine to make me think about weddings, if I am honest I think about them a lot. When I was little all I dreamed of being (besides the bride!) was a wedding gown designer. My parents knew someone who owned her own boutique, and as soon as I stepped inside for the first time my jaw dropped and something pinged inside – ‘this is what I want to do!’ I must have been about 8. It was an epiphany at the age of 8 one might say. Or…I just liked lots of pretty dresses…and I REALLY liked dressing up!

Recently, when thinking about how I would make the best wedding planner in the world (think Jennifer Lopez in ‘The Wedding Planner’ but better..obv!) I think of weddings in fields. Yes, that’s right, you heard me correctly, in one of these (minus all the pumpkins…unless that is your kinda thing)…

 And, let’s face it, it’s not difficult to come across a field in England.

So, why a field? I don’t really know. There is always a buzz about differnt types of wedding, first it was church, then hotel, then country house, then the beach…I want to swing it round to outdoorsy weddings. You can create the most beautiful setting, and best of all at night you get to light everywhere up with lanterns and fairy lights, and sticks with flames on…the photos will look great! And, you can release sky lanterns at night (see earlier post).

Here are a few images I found to get you round to my way of thinking…


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So, I may be a little bit late with posting this (I fell off the wordpress radar for quite a while) but ever since Victoria Beckham showed her latest collection (AW10) during New York fashion week I have been dreaming of owning one all of her dresses. I also hope that my final collection next year will look as gorgeous as this (using only the best fairtrade fabrics)

Take a peek here…

Can you tell I like black?!

Also…*future trend alert*…coat dresses



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