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Claire Coles is one of my favourite designers, she creates the most beautiful pieces of art using vintage wallpaper and freehand embroidery. She manages to fuse fashion images with what can sometimes be deemed as ‘stuffy’ old wallpaper in a way that brings it right up to date, and very covetable. I wish I had an original piece of hers to hang on my wall, for now I will have to do with her stunning greetings cards, available at Paperchase. Availble at a margin of the cost of an original, the cards are fabulous to give to anyone who is into crafty cards, or to do as I do, and stick it up on your wall, waiting for the day when you can afford the real thing.

Her ceramics and woodwork pieces are breathtaking, the intricacy and detail is beautiful.

Visit her website to take a deeper look at this fabulous British designer – http://www.clairecolesdesign.co.uk/┬áIt’s enough to get anyone feeling crafty…now where is my embroidery hoop…?

(P.S. I love her work so much she is the designer behind the banner at the top of my blog).


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