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Something a little bit different today…

I am not sure who this is a picture of, I just happened to come across it. It’s quite inspiring for both the pose the woman is positioned in, and for the dress she is wearing.

I am not normally a fan of all this PVC and dominatrix style design, but this is different; it is subtle and feminine. I love how if you crop the image and look at her face she looks like a 1950s housewife, then you see the image from her neck down and it tells an entirely different story. This is an interesting approach to take in design, to mix two opposing and contrasting themes together to create something that challenges the viewer, as well as the wearer.


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Today’s image…

This image is fabulous and so strong. The structured lines of the skirt are offset by the drapery of the coat.

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I love this image…I think it is so representative for a mother’s bond and relationship with their child. It is symbolic of protection, nurture, love and care…

This is an image of supermodel Gisele Bundchen and her young baby, Benjamin Rein Brady, for a Vogue’s ‘shape issue’ cover shoot

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