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Bravissimo = AMAZING!

There is somewhere out there who caters to the more curvaceous women…and even better, the less curvaceous top heavy ladies out there! It was about time!

Now, I have been a fan for many years, but since starting my blog up again I wanted to share this great company with everyone else who may be stuck in an underwear rut, looking for an attractive route out.

Head into one of their stores and they will measure you up the proper way. None of these stuffy, middle aged ladies wrapping a decrepid tape measure around you with cold hands, and handing you an UGLY bra telling you it is the right size (when it clearly isn’t). I went into the Btighton store with my mum, and I was too nervous to be measured, so sat waiting outside. My mum came out raving about it, claiming they were the best fitting bras ever, and she was buying two. I trusted her, so I treid it.

I am forever greatful I tried it. I was, indeed, as everyone always says, wearing the wrong sized bra. COMPLETELY. I thought I was a 32/34, in fact, I was a 28/30. As for the cup size, it went up a lot too. And, in all seriousness, it was the best fitting bra ever. It barely felt as if I was wearing a bra it was so light, yet I felt so supported.

Bite the bullet, get measured for real, and fork out a little bit more for that perfect fit. You will be thankful you did when you are 70 and laughing at all those women who have drooped, while you are nice and perky. All thanks to Bravissimo.

Oooh, they also make wedding lingerie too.


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