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I recently applied for an internship for either six months or one year at the highly respectable ethical fashion brand People Tree. I was delighted to have received a callback from the head of design, Tracy Mulligan. I endeavoured to create an electronic portfolio for them to put in their files for review closer to the time of placement. The portfolio was sent off today via email, and I am very excited to hear of any feedback they may have.

People Tree is a well established brand and works to ensure they meet Fair Trade principles set out by the IFTA (International Fair Trade Association) by working with 50 fair trade groups in 15 countries. They aim to bring benefits to people and the planet at as many stages of the production process as possible, i.e. growing cotton, dyeing, weaving. This is highly beneficial as it helps to alleviate poverty in the world’s most marginalised countries. They also work hard to ensure pioneering ecologically sound methods of production, which helps to minimise environmental impact. The majority of the cotton used in their clothing lines is certified Organic and Fair Trade and all their clothes are dyed using natural, safe dyes. The clothes produced are very beautiful and do not appear to conform to the traditional ‘ethical’ aesthetic, which is very inspiring and innovative; this creates demand in a new market segment which was previously not being satisfied with attractive ethical clothing.

Visit the website at www.peopletree.co.uk


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New Look chairman Phil Wrigley can be seen discussing ethics on the high street in Drapers, 29th November 2008. He called on the fashion industry to make a greater effort when it comes to ethical issues when speaking at the Drapers Fashion Summit 2008. The man behing New Look reflects upon what he considers ‘ethics’ to be about;

“Getting things done depends on how you behave, how you treat people and what you leave behind when you’re gone. That is ethics to me. How do we source and buy product? How do we treat the people involved?”

Wrigley discusses the role of government, the ETI (Ethical Trading Initiative) and the retailers themselves and goes on to state that in this financial crisis it is the perfect time to start becoming more ethical.

It is great to see the facts and figures in is speech that show that sales of ethical fashion clothing sales accounted for 12%  of all UK retail sales in 2007. 

Here is a link to the the article:


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Here is a link to a number of reports and publications from War on Want.If you scroll down there is an excellent report entitled ‘Fashion Victims’ that is definately worth reading if you are interested in expolring the real cost of cheap, disposable fashion garments.An in valuable source of information if you are writing a report on the use of sweatshops in fashion. This was recommended to me from my lecturer in Production and Consumption at London College of Fashion.


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The new collection from the Ethical fashion label ‘Noir’ is once again stunning,proving that ethical and sustainable fashion doesn’t have to conform to the typical stereotype of baggy trousers and oversized frumpy tops. The brand prides itself on its ‘ethical luxury’ ethos, which is something very rare in the fashion world, but something very exciting. The brand is available at Harvey Nichols in the UK, and it worth a look if your fashion conscience is telling you to make more valuable and considered choices.

The new S/S 09 collection is once again sexy, feminine, elegant and sumptuous!the caption that has been attached to the collection is ‘A LYRIC TO A NOIR NYMPH’…hinting at a pixie like style and nymph like silhouette, but don’t be afraid, it is not too fantasy-like!With the campaign photo shoot being sot on a white sand, blue sea beach with dead and weathered trees the collection looks very raw natural. As always, the primary colour palette is monochrome, i.e white/cream with black…exactly what every woman wants.

The collection consists fo dresses, trousers, tops etc. all in luxurious looking fabrics. Clever use of pleats, folding and drapery give the collection a very modern and sexy appeal.There are styles to cater to every shape and every style…large bust?try the beautiful black v necked dress, to the knee in matt black with black satin sash around the waist to highlight those wonderful curves. How about long and slithe?Well,who better ot pull off thier long and sleek pure white floor length dress with thing black belt than you?!With a subtle v neck mixed with full length skirt with a slash up to the thigh it shows of those perfect pins!Still in doubt?Why not take a look at the collection itself at: http://www.noir-illuminati2.com/noir.php#/182788/S/S 09 Noir Campaign

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My favourite surface designer…he work is so intricate and beautiful. She embroiders onto so many different surfaces, cresting new, innovative and exciting one off pieces with commisions from retialersw such as Liberty’s. She has no boundaries and works on wallpaper, porcelain, wood etc. amongst other things.

I find her work so insiring and would love to own someof her work to display in my house…

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